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Settling In

##Settling In As I sit here writing this, I listen to the low hum of my home lab for the first time in a while. It had a rather indirect route from Sydney to Palo Alto (via Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Fiji, Seattle and Vancouver) taking around 6 weeks. My flight was much more efficient! I’m glad it didn’t have to sit in customs for days or weeks. I’ve been in Palo Alto for a little over a month now and only now am I beginning to feel settled.

The Power of a Tweet

##The Power of a Tweet In September of 2011 I started studying for the VCP5 exam. I used many materials as an aid throughout the process, including Scott Lowe‘s Mastering vSphere books, Cody Bunch‘s vBrownBag recordings, and Duncan Epping‘s Clustering Deepdive books. One particular Sunday evening I mentioned my study on twitter, little did I know that this tweet would change my life! “Just reading VMware Clustering Deepdive, with a glass of red.