Settling In

Settling In

As I sit here writing this, I listen to the low hum of my home lab for the first time in a while. It had a rather indirect route from Sydney to Palo Alto (via Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Fiji, Seattle and Vancouver) taking around 6 weeks. My flight was much more efficient! I’m glad it didn’t have to sit in customs for days or weeks.

I’ve been in Palo Alto for a little over a month now and only now am I beginning to feel settled. While my new place is nice, it’s only just started to feel like home now the furniture and other creature comforts have arrived (the lab being one of the most important).

My workplace on the other hand has already changed slightly wish a relocation of our team so we’re sitting closer / in the same building. The thing I don’t think I’ll get used to any time soon at work is the coffee… I even ordered some from Tonx but I wasn’t impressed.

Everything survived the trip with the exception of my trusty NAS (QNAP 439 Pro II). For some reason it’s just not powering up. While I think it would be a great time to update to something a little more virtualization friendly (like a Synology), I don’t think I’ll get approval from the wife somehow. I’ll need to see if it’s a simple lose wire from the switch to the motherboard connector that one of my other computers had, but it’s too late in the evening to start opening it up.

So, now that (nearly) everything is back in place I plan on getting back to my regular schedule. I have a list of things that need catching up, most pressing is probably the vBrownBag podcast feed. Speaking of vBrownBag I hear that the Open Stack conference in Atlanta last week was a huge success, keep your eye out for us at other conferences later this year too.

Lastly, for those interested, I’m blogging some book extracts from Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5 over on too. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while, so I hope some people find the snippets useful.

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