Automated SDDC Deployment with VMware Cloud Builder

4 years ago I moved away from a short stint as a product manager to something a little more technical. I was a founding member of what became the “VMware Validated Designs”. After building SDDCs manually for a few months in our test environments it was clear that we needed an automated approach. The VMware Deployment Toolkit (DTK) was born by some of my super smart colleagues, which we use daily as part of our development and testing toolchain.

After improving the DTK for a bit, we decided to let some of our trusted partners and VMware PSO consultants use the DTK for their own customer deployments. Finally, after a lot of hard work, we’re allowing everyone to build a complete SDDC using our automation… for free! So long as you own the product licenses, you can stand up your own SDDC without needing to manually build every component.

I’d like to shout out to my good friend Gary Blake who has been leading the effort internally on the DTK/Cloud Builder effort.

You can download the VMware Cloud Builder here:

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